The UIU has an LCD screen that displays consumer data and meter information. To view all icons on

the display, enter #002# on the keypad.

The icons on the display indicate the following:

1. Bar indicator representing:

  • Consumption 
  • Abnormal trip 
  • Menu items 

2. Token or short code entry accepted  indicator 

3. Short code entry

4. Consumer's electricity supply connection  indicator 

5. System busy

6. Token required

7. Emergency credit indicator / life line mode

8. Token or short code entry rejected

9. Manual reconnection required

10. Technical assistance required

11. Low battery indicator, if applicable

12. Timed load reduction indicator

13. Currency units indicator

14. Units of measurement

15. Over temperature indicator

Bar indicator

Depending on what you are viewing, the bar indicator represents the following:

1. Consumption

Each segment of the bar indicator represents 10% of the maximum permissible load. For  example, if the load limit is set to 16.4kW, then each segment represents 1.6kW.